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How Do We Select the Best Mohel for Our Son?

When selecting the best Mohel for your son, it goes without saying that you want a mohel that will do a perfect job.

Although online reviews, such as Yelp reviews and others, are often relied upon to choose a competent service provider, (they are a great resource for restaurants, dry cleaners, bakeries, & nail salons), they should not be the sole factor in choosing a Mohel for your son .

Along with experience, good referrals and pleasant bed-side manners, it is of paramount importance to select a Certified Mohel (C.M.) that meets the highest, most universally recognized religious standards which make a Brit Milah kosher, safe and painless.

Just as there is a "kosher standard" for food, there is a "kosher standard" for Brit Milah. For the Mohel to be "certified kosher" he must be a Sabbath-observant Jew who is proficient in the intricate Biblical laws regarding the Brit Milah procedure. The mohel must also utilize a traditional "Mahgain" (Hebrew for "shield") technique. This technique - which Jewish tradition has espoused for thousands of years - is the only "kosher Brit Milah technique" and is also the safest and quickest method of circumcision.

Any "Clamping Method/Technique" (ie. *Gomco Clamp, Plastibell Clamp and *Mogen Clamp) are considered invalid according to Jewish law, dangerous and are very painful for the baby (*The FDA has issued a warning advisory against the use of the Gomco Clamp and Mogen Clamp).

If the Brit Milah is performed by a practitioner who is not "certified kosher" or with a "clamp", the Brit Milah is considered incomplete and needs to undergo a subsequent procedure called a "hatafat dam brit" (Hebrew for "drop of blood covenant").

With the aforementioned considerations in mind, contact Rabbi Gil Leeds, C.M. and find out why Urologists, Pediatricians and OBGYN's recommend Rabbi Leeds as the Mohel to perform the Brit Milah of their patients, friends, children and grandchildren.